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Although materials apparently appear stubborn and obstinate, they are to be converted, through inspiration and gentle fire along shaping and other titilating means into astonishing adornements. The appeal and excitement with which the carrier is adorned, makes a tempting appearance for the contemplator to share his catching beauty.

Combined with other materials these adornments can even be used to uplift spaces to transform their appearance. Placed in the context of nature the contrast between adornments and space is emphasized in order to evaoke a new, dreamlike experience.

During a trip to Aruba (Caribbean) I found pieces of old and sometimes very old glass in the Cunucu (the bush). Some pieces might be from the 17th century when Dutch sailors went to Aruba and left all kind of stuff all over the island. Like the well known (broken) ceramic pipe bowls which were found next to the glass pieces.
Triggered to return this broken glass back to our century, the glass pieces were shaped according the thorns of the Hubada (Mimosa Acacia). The Hubada is a small tree under which the broken glass botles were foound.

Ceasalpinia Coriaria






Purchased by Deutsches Museum Munich (GE)


Purchased by Deutsches Museum Munich (GE)