Exhibitions during Spring 2024


15 - 18.05.2024
'14-'18, The Great War is on display at the annual GAS conference in Berlin (G)

This year the annual conference of the American Glass Art Society will take place in Berlin.
During the conference also "Rroaring Glass" will be performed.

More information: www.glassart.org/conference/berlin-2024/

03.05 - 26.05.2024
"I never promised you .... a rose garden" and "Forbidden Fruit" are on display at Beeldentuin Ravesteijn in Heenvliet (NL)

More information: www.ruine-ravesteyn.nl

19.04 - 31.10.2024
"The world in my hand",
shows the landscape "Voerstreek-Fourons" at Blackbox, Munich (G).

"Voerstreek-Fourons" is executed in the fusing technique and is part of the "landscapes'-series.

More information: www.atstiftung.de

"Rroaring glass",
performance at Living the Glass Age (Dutch Biennale) in Amersfoort (GNL.

Rroaring Glass the performance is part of the first Dutch Biennale.
The performance will start at 19:30 hours.

More information: www.livingtheglassage.com

20.01.2024 - 14.04.2024
New Acquisitions 2023,
at Glasmuseum Lette in Lette-Coesfeld (G).

Flora Venena (multiple objects), is now on display at the exhibition “Neuerwerbungen 2023” at Glasmuseum Lette-Coesfeld (G).

More information about the exhibition: www.glasmuseum-lette.de
For more information about Flora Venena see at "Controversions" (at the left menu).

05.10.2023 - 03.12.2023
International Biennale of Glass 2023 - Sofia (BG)

'14 - '18 (the installation), will be displayed at the Biennale of Glass 2023, National Gallery Kvadrat 500 (BG).

More information about the Biennale of Glass: www.glassbiennale.nbu.bg .

26.07.2023 - 10.09.2023
Groei (Growth)
Sculptures in the gardens at "Het Hofje van Mevrouw van Aerden" te Leerdam (NL).

'I never promised you a rose garden', is now on display at the exhibition Growth.

More information at: www.hofjevanaerden.nl .

06.05.2023 - 08.10.2023
Mit Feuer und Flamme,
at Glasmuseum Lette in Lette-Coesfeld (G).

Flora Venena, is now on display at the exhibition “Mit Feuer und Flame” at Glasmuseum Lette-Coesfeld (G).

More information about the exhibition: www.glasmuseum-lette.de
For more information about Flora Venena see at "Controversions" (at the left menu).

21.01.2023 - 01.05.2023
New acquisitions 2021/2022,
at Glasmuseum Lette in Lette-Coesfeld (G).

'14 - '18, made by JanHein van Stiphout, is one of the recent acquisitions that is on display at the exhibition “New acquisitions 2021/2022!”.

More information: www.glasmuseum-lette.de

23.12.2022 - 07.01.2023
La Grande Guerre,
at Seithoff Cultuur in Leiden (NL).

The installation 'La Grande Guerre' is on display for the first time in the Netherlands”.

More information: www.sijthoff-leiden.nl

25.07.2021 - 03.10.2021
Achtung! Zerbrechlich!,
at Waldmuseum in Zwiesel (G).

Forbidden Fruit is on display at the exhibition “Caution! Fragile!”.

More information: www.waldmuseum.zwiesel.de

03.11.2019 - 17.11.2019
Kasteel Cannenburch in Vaassen.
Exhibition 'Glas natuurlijk ... en meer'. A dialogue in mixed media.

JanHein shows:
- L'Invitation
- New series of 'Planetoïds'
- Forbidden Fruit.
- On saturday 9th and sunday 10th November 'Rroaring Glass' will be performed several times a day (Only when the weather is dry).

More information: www.stichtingglaskunst.nl

15.08 - 18.08.2019
International Glass Festival Luxemburg (L).

03.08.2019 - 03.10.2019
Schätze - Gesammelt-Gesehen-Neu geschaffen,
at Waldmuseum in Zwiesel (G).

MATRIX (17x17)-1 based on 2 grosses on display at the exhibition “Glasschätze – gesammelt – gesehen – neu geschaffen”.

More information: www.waldmuseum.zwiesel.de

28.09.2018 - 06.10.2018
International Glass Exhibition,
at Médiacité in Luik/Liège (B).

This time JanHein shows the installation "Structure One” and the flowers "I never promised you ... a rose garden".

More information: www.verribelglass.be

08.09.2018 - 16.09.2018
Kunststroming 2018 - Natura
Schoonhoven - Vlist - Haestrecht (NL).

Weekends 8/9 en 15/16 September from 12.00 till 17.00. Opening 8th September at 11:00 (see News).
JanHein shows his Landscapes - Landscape Impressions.
Art tour, multipple disciplines, several locations, free entrance
Location artwork JanHein: Koestraat 60 in Schoonhoven (NL).

More information: Kunststroming 2018

04.08.2018 - 03.10.2018
International Glass Exhibition “Peace and Freedom
1918 – fought, dictated, dreamed – 1968”,
Zwiesel (G).

in conjunction with the Zwieseler Glastage. Waldmuseum Zwiesel (G)

Première new installation "La Grande Guerre".

More information: www.waldmuseum.zwiesel.de

03.08.2018 - 06.10.2018
International Glass Exhibition “Unter freiem Himmel"
Galerie am Museum, Frauenau (G).

“L'Invitation” will be presented in this exhibition..

17.08 - 20.08.2017
International Glass Festival Luxemburg.

21.10.2017 - 18.03.2018
Beeldend glas van nu,
Gorcums Museum, Gorinchem (NL).

JanHein presents "L' Invitation".

Opening 20.10.2017: Performance "Rroaring Glass" by JanHein van Stiphout in collaboration with organ-player Nico Blom.

More information: www.gorcumsmuseum.nl

17.08 - 20.08.2017
International Glass Festival Luxemburg.

24.06 - 09.07.2017
International Glass Exhibition
Glas im Glashaus, Volmerswertherstraße 131, 40221 Düsseldorf (G).

Preview of 'Forbidden Fruit'.

Your first chance to take part in this new project of JanHein van Stiphout.

More information: Glasgalerie-welti

14.01 - 07.05.2017
Neuerwerbungen 2016
Glasmuseum Ernsting Stiftung Alter Hof Herding, Letter Berg 38, 48653 Coesfeld Lette (G).

Wednesday and Saturday from 14:00 - 17:00 hrs; Sunday from 11:00 - 17:00 hrs.

Killing Field is one of the new aquisitions to the museums collection in 2016.

More information: www.ernsying-stiftung.de

05.11 - 20.11.2016
Glas......natuurlijk: 10 jaar Cannenburch
Kasteel Cannenburch, Maarten van Rossumplein 4, 8171 EB Vaassen.

Tuesday - Sunday from 12:00 - 17:00 hrs.

Exibition with 17 international artists. JanHein van Stiphout is displaying a new serie of his Tableau Floral and a preview of 'La grande guerre'.

More information: www.stichtingglaskunst.nl

27.08 - 11.09.2016
Glas im Glashaus:
Galerie Welti, Volmerswerther Str. 131, 40221 Düsselorf (G).

Daily from 11:00 - 19:00 hrs.

More information:

06.08 - 03.10.2016
International Glass Art Exhibition - Zwieseler Glastage:
Kulturzentrum/Waldmuseum, Kirchplatz 3, Zwiesel (G).

Daily from 10:00 - 16:00 hrs.

More information:

20.08 - 23.08.2015
International Glass festival Asselborn (L):
Atelier d'Art du Verre, Maison 180, 9940 Asselborn.

Exhibition with 35 international artists: JanHein van Stiphout, Maare Saare, Edward Leibovitz and others

More information:

26.07.2014 - 05.10.2014
Glaskunst der Niederlande at Glas Museum Immenhausen (G)

In this exhibition of Dutch contemporary glass art JanHein presents some old and new work. 5 Pieces of the new serie 'Tableau Floral' as well as 5 pieces from the new serie 'Landscape Impressions' are shown. Together with 'Killing Field' and 'L'Invitation'.

More information:

14.06.2014 - 29.06.2014
Glas natuurlijk ..... Glazen landschap at castle Cannenburch Vaassen (NL)

Two pieces of the new serie 'Tableau Floral' are shown as well as the installation 'Killing Field'. Also 5 pieces out of the second serie of 'Lanscape Impressions' are exhibited.

More information:

07.06.2014 - 15.06.2014
Exhibition "Kilnformed glass"
Joure (Friesland, NL)

A new series of ‘Landscape Impressions’ is shown for the first time at the international exhibition of kiln-formed glass in Joure. Also two pieces of the new serie 'Tableau Floral' are presented. And as pièce de résistance the 'Rog' (WORK: Sieradiên)

More information:

18.09.2013 - 17.11.2013
Glaspreis der Stadt Hadamar
Hadamar (G)

A “Landscape Impression” is selected by a professional panel of judges to take part in the exhibition and competition for the First Glass Prize of the city Hadamar in Germany.

More information:

18.05.2013 - 26.05.2013
Exhibition "Kilnformed glass"
Joure (Friesland, NL)

A new series of ‘Landscape Impressions’ is shown for the first time at the international exhibition of kiln-formed glass in Joure

More information:

03.10.2012 - 07.10.2012
International glass festival Glasrijk Tubbergen
(Tubbergen – NL)

This time the projects 'Killing Field' and 'Planetoïds' are exhibited. In the nearby woods the hot glass performance 'Attack II' is carried out every day by JanHein and the glass artist Jörg Hanowski (Germany).

More information:

25.08.2012 - 27.08.2012
Red House Glass Cone Museum
(Stourbridge – UK)

Viewing of works/results of the Glass Heap Challenge and interaction with public.

More information:

26.05.2012 - 28.05.2012
Expositie "Ovengevormd glas"
Joure (Friesland)

“L’Invitation” is shown for the first time in the Netherlands at the international exhibition of kiln-formed glass in Joure

More information:
Flyer: ovengevormdglas.pdf

international glass exhibition "Gorgeous"

Maison de la Culture / Galerie d'art municipale
13, rue du Curé, L-9217 Diekirch (L)
daily, 14.00 - 18.00 hrs

Killing Field - (installation of flamework glass)

More information: Invitation Festival 2011(jpg)

Dutch Design Week (Eindhoven)

Temporary Concept Store,
Nieuwe Emmasingel 20, 5611 AM Eindhoven
Donjon II (Fortification)

JanHein also gives several demonstrations about lampworking (glass blowing on a torch)

More information: Invitation (pdf)

GlassTec Düsseldorf (D)

Galerie Mariska Dirkx (Hall 9, stand A60)
Rule your own world - A selection of the 'Planetoids'

De kruisgangen te Roermond (NL)

Art Shakers & Makers - Rule your own world
Een selectie uit de serie 'Planetoids'


Glasmuseum Immenhausen (D)

Glasperlen internationaler Glaskünstler


Munster (D)

8th International Glass Exhibition

daily: 08.00-22.00

Munster, Lüneburger Heide (D) (near Hannover and Bremen)

Centre culturel Schongfabrik (L)

International Glass Exhibition

Mo-Fr: 15.00-19.00, Sa-Su: 10.00-17.00

Centre Culturel Schongfabrik
14, rue Pierre Schiltz
L-3786 Tétange (Luxembourg)

University Tilburg

Glass Wheel / Glass Ball / Glass bike in Art Processes 't Lichte

1988 – present

More than 150 projects with “De Maatschap internationaal” in museums, theatres and on location in the Netherlands and abroad.


City Museum Roermond


BBK Düsseldorf - Germany
City Museum Roermond


Under Cover - Theater Festival Boulevard Den Bosch


A(rt)ssenede – Belgium

1996 – present

Several lectures about innovative glass techniques and design in the Netherlands and abroad


"Contrasten in Glas", Gorcums Museum


Glassmanifestation Gallery Noord Groningen


Gallery Kathareze Tilburg


Lecture "Glass as common as words for a writer" - CGS Conference Tate – Liverpool (UK)


Landscapes in Glass - Gallery Noord Groningen


Landscapes in Glass - Gallery Kathareze Tilburg


Meditations IV - Masters in Glass - Kruisgang Roermond

2002 - 2003

Several Galleries in Denmark


Monumenti di monili / Jewellery Project - Gallery Mariska Dirkx Roermond


“Donjon” - Glas in Historisch Licht Horn – Winner of the 1st Price


Lectures in Stoke on Trent (with performance) and Newcastle (UK)


Landscape impressions - Gallery Kathareze Tilburg


Meditations V - Glass Art Today - Kruisgang Roermond


“Perpendiculair” - Glas04 Ruimte en Intimiteit – Stedelijk Museum Roermond
Review exhibition (.pdf)


“Glass has many Faces” – Schloss Holte (D) – Winner of the 2nd Price

2004 - 2005

Made in Tilburg Annex - Via Venezia Tilburg


Flora Venena – Gallery Kathareze Tilburg (part of the glass manifestation “Glas in Tilburg”)


Landscape Impressions – Gallery The Yard Nijmegen


Wearing Glass / Jewellery - Gallery Oxo – London (UK)


Vlakglas 2006 – Museum voor Vlakglas- en Emaillekunst Ravenstein


Wearing Glass - National Glass Centre – Sunderland (UK)


Meditations VI - Crossing Borders – Kruisgang Roermond


Jewels as sculpture - Gallery Mariska Dirkx Roermond

2007 – 2008

Landscapes (fusing technique) - Access Art Gallery Aruba (Caribbean)


Glas wird Schmuck - Galerie am Museum – Frauenau (D) / Publication in Glashouse


Glass, handle with care – Schloss Holte (D) – honorably mentioned by the jury


City Museum Roermond – Glas08 – Fortification “The Line Vade Retro”


Museum of Glass Art Alcorcón Madrid (ES) – Hubada necklace


CCAA Glasgalerie – Köln (D)


Crafts of Catalonia Barcelona (ES) – Hubada necklace


Unpolished – CGS exhibition (UK)


L’Invitation: the winning object of the international competition TGK 2009 (D)


Planetoids project at Nick’s Glas - Tilburg and at the Dutch Design Week - Eindhoven


Galerie In der Ölmühle – Wegberg (D)


Planetoids project – Tilburg; Kapellen (B); München (D)


Caesalpinia Holodiscus - Glasplastik und Garten – Munster (D)


Exhibitions spring 2024