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Light and shadow





Caesalpinia Holodiscus

Bacon slicer


Killing Field

Forbidden Fruit

an installation of 144 fruits and 1 tree

For the first exhibitions the fruit will have to make use of existing fruit trees. But as a glass lover, you can play an active role in ensuring that the “Forbidden Fruit” get their own tree. You see, for every fruit sold a new fruit will be made, this so that the original number – one gross – remains intact. As soon as enough fruit is sold, a final tree will be fabricated with which the installation thereafter will go on tour.

The sale and fabrication of “Forbidden Fruit” will stop the moment the installation as a whole has been sold (the tree and 144 fruits). In this way you can be part of a worldwide community of “Forbidden Fruits” but also have a direct influence on the course of this project. By buying fruits you make it possible that a tree will be made, but if you buy the tree and 144 fruits you trigger the end of the project and ensure yourself of exclusivity!

La Grande Guerre