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  • 1914-1918 Bokaal
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MATRIX is a series of compositions based on the measure “gross”. The compositions are constructed from a collection of 144, 288, 432, etc. elements that are the same size but individually unique. The rhythm and symmetry speak to what we expect from a matrix but aren’t surprised by deviations therefrom. Just as in nature where order is the norm but evolution is made possible through mutation.

MATRIX (12x12)-0 based on 1 gross on display at the 8th International Glass Festival Luxembourg; August 15-18, 2019

MATRIX (17x17)-1 based on 2 grosses on display at the exhibition “Glasschätze – gesammelt – gesehen – neu geschaffen”, Waldmuseum Zwiesel Germany; August 3 – October 3, 2019),

MATRIX (24x24)-12² based on 3 grosses (planned for 2020 in The Netherlands).

Interested in hosting a future MATRIX? Call us or send an e-mail to stipglas@stipglas.com
You can be part of the MATRIX by buying one of the elements (€ 30).
By doing so, you enable the MATRIX project to grow, even up to 30 gross or more.